Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beaver Brook Trail from Windy Saddle


Ensnared by your verdant undergrowth
I stand mesmerized at the entrance to your kingdom.
My senses overwhelm me.
Warm, rocky earth under foot,
A cool whispering breeze spoken sweetly against my face,
The smells of soil, dust, a hint of pine,
Honeysuckle and primrose,
I can see the path before me for a moment
Then diving deep into your wooded dell it hides itself;
Then I close my eyes and am surrounded,
Enveloped, enraptured--
Birdsong, squirrels playing in the canopy
A bee buzzing in pursuit of sugary delights
Your softly whispering summer winds
Calling out to me, beckoning--
Breath quickens in anticipation
But one step and I am lost,
Here I am.

--jlm 6/2010

Decided to go on a hike today and I sure picked a great day to get out and wander a rocky trail for a while. I've tried to capture some of the splendor of the days sights, sounds, feelings above in words and below in images. Enjoy!

Lazuli Bunting

Yellow Breasted Chat
Blue Gray Gnatcatcher
If you open this image it almost looks like he's staring at me.
Mountain Chickadee
Verrry bizzare birds
Stellar's Jay, though the blue doesn't really come through in this shot.
Western Tanger
This guy was raising the alarm so I snapped this pick (with flash) without even looking. I think he was surprised.
Just in time for the 5:00 shower.
Rufous Sided Towhee singing his heart out.

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