Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Need to Be Frightened

This evening I watched a guy in a “Psych Ward” t-shirt and his compatriots loving craft a scarecrow out of a pair of Goodwill jeans, old boots and a flannel hoodie. Then he reminisced fondly at the sight of a faded blue crowbar in the back of Jim’s truck: just like the one he used to have for busting out car stereos. Not exactly reflections on Walden Pond, but the crew got a good laugh out it. They stuffed the scarecrow full of trash bags containing packing peanuts from Kate’s work and even used an old basketball for the head. The portly and somewhat anatomically correct scarecrow ‘man’ certainly doesn’t conjure up wholesome images of Oz, but definitely reflects the pride and enthusiasm with which this year’s crew of guys have taken to their weekly garden forays. I didn’t have the camera because it was actually supposed to rain all day today but next week I will definitely take pictures.

In any case, Breaking Ground is thriving again on second chance soil with second chance gardeners. We’ve been harvesting full grocery bags of lettuce, kale, swiss chard and spinach. Now that these cooler season friends are finally leaving us we’re starting to spot our first tomatoes and pumpkin blossoms. Painstakingly tended each week by residents of the Independence House half-way house the garden is in good hands. Jim keeps the crew supplied with tools, $.99 cookies and the worst knock-off, generic soda you could imagine. It has been a great season so far and we’re only about half way through. Running out of building projects and garden tasks (other than weeding, watering and harvesting) it will be interesting to see what the crew comes up with next week…before we left they suggested that our scarecrow needs a girlfriend: good times down on the farm.

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