Monday, July 19, 2010

One Hot Weekend...In Pictures

No you've not wandered into one of "those" sites, by hot I actually mean scalding...or boiling...or roasting...whichever word you'd care to describe the 102 degree heatfest we had on Saturday. In preparation for the certain death to come in the great Denver Metro basin over the weekend we opted to loaded our crew up into the Vanagon and seek solace somewhere cooler. We made our way up to the Peak to Peak highway from Golden (avoiding the route up through bike banning Black Hawk) and made our way out to Rollinsville. From there we went west along the gravel road to the base of Rollins Pass where good camping could be found...and the Vanagon quite frankly could go no further. Here are some pics of the weekend.  (Sorry I've not been posting much lately...I'm going to work on that. For now content yourself with some stunning images of some of Colorado's more scenic places and two goofy people and a dog.)
The old school house in Tolland heading out to Rollins Pass

We tucked in on a small lane and set up our camp near a large stream.
Note the homemade awning action.

Vanagon in the bush.

We went for a hike after we got settled. Kate and Presta left the photographer behind.

Rollins Pass and the Moffat Road were used for the construction of the Moffat Tunnel.

These buildings were used by railroad and tunnel workers back in the day.
They also apparently played basketball.

The Moffat railway tunnel is still used and takes you from Denver to Winter Park and beyond.

On our hike we found plenty of water to cool off the Bean.

More wonderfully cold water. Bean is refreshed.

Dark Eyed (Grey Headed) Junco

We hiked up above tree line to a series of mountain lakes.
White Capped Sparrow

The scenery was impressive.

I took the path up to Roger's Pass along the ridge (11,800ft ish).

Day two we opted to sit by the stream and hang out.

Bean was again pretty refreshed.

American Dipper
We enjoyed ourselves in the cool mountain air immensely and were very disappointed when we had to leave Sunday afternoon and head back the sweltering 98 degree sun. At least next time the temperature soars you'll know where to start looking for us.

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  1. My dad and aunt grew up in that house with the basketball hoop next to them lived the other half of my family