Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rainy Afternoon

A welcome cold front crept in to the Denver area overnight and ushered the heat wave of this past weekend off into memory. With the 70 degree temps also came much appreciated rainfall. We’ve had a wetter than average summer, at least by my calculations, and this afternoon’s bit of moisture came at the right time.
Very faint double rainbow.
 I don’t know if our garden has ever looked better. Well actually last year it was looking pretty good at this point and then heavy winds and hail came and tore it all to shreds…that was about this time in July too… In any case, for the moment, we have three healthy rows of corn, a raised bed chock full of potatoes, zucchini, three varieties of tomatoes in bloom, carrots, sage, thyme, basil, pumpkins, kale, peas (can’t believe we’re still getting peas), eggplant, broccoli and cucumbers (-1 one that Zin killed today while digging and wallowing in the bed). With the devastation of last year’s storm our raspberry canes were reduced to just a few for this season’s harvest. We had enough to enjoy, give to our neighbors and taste while picking and weeding. Next year though this year’s set of new canes should offer quite the bounty, assuming all continues to go according to plan.

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