Thursday, July 29, 2010

Storms A Coming

"Sweet summer rain. Like God's own mercy."
O Brother Where Art Thou

Although the clouds first rolled in around 4:00, carried on the current of cool, northern wind, the ominous, grey-black wall now looming over what I’d guess to be Golden finally affirms that mother nature apparently means business. These clouds serve as a good metaphor for mood as of late: tumultuous and unsettled. I am agitated about something and for lack of any real indication as to what that something might be I instead affix as my target any convenient patsy. Lightening can apparently strike anywhere, and with my current state of disquietude there’s certainly a stockpile of bolts for tossing around at folks. I suppose this is fair as it is the time of year for unsettled weather, therefore a time for being a bit disturbed or off kilter. July is after all Colorado’s rockiest season. Ok that was a bad pun, but it illustrated the point. I only need to reflect back on the images of last year’s devastating micro burst and hail fiasco to confirm this. While it is easy to focus on the destructive aspect of these storms, there is a restorative and rejuvenating side to them as well. The frontal lows bring cooling winds to wipe away the smog, heat and dust of the mid summer’s day. The cleansing rains replenish the soil, quench the thirst of animal and vegetable alike and therefore carry with each drop the assurance of another day of life. And while, when amplified, these monsoonal events can leave a swath of devastation in their wake, all is not entirely lost. So I suppose I’ll just rise and fall along with the barometer and hope that eventually September will arrive and calmer winds will prevail. Perhaps then I too will feel these restorative effects with the passing of our mid summer storms…gray skies are going to clear up…Good grief: I wasn’t quite cheered enough for that one. Here’s a bolt for your’s truly for a bad pun and Singing in the Rain allusion. And now I suppose I do feel a little better.

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