Monday, August 30, 2010

Damn You Angry Winds

So what happens to the tallest tomato plants on the block (the tallest Fran has ever seen remember) when a low pressure front storms through the neighborhood propelled by 30-40mph gusts?  Well they just flop right over. Or they pull their cages out of the ground and flop over. Or they have a fit and throw their half ripened fruit all over the garden. Or they just kind of bend and wither slowly...a half flop, half snap.

Both Saturday and Sunday (Sunday particularly it seemed) featured late afternoon bouts of heavy winds as a tease of rainless clouds amassed above our house and then passed us by for two days in a row. So on top of no precipitation, which we're sorely lacking, we got a tomato bending kick in the teeth as a courtesy. This morning on my usual rounds through the garden, the water and weed patrol, I surveyed the havoc. I righted three plants, resetting their cages back in the beds and then tried to prop up the now weeping vines. This afternoon I returned home with a renewed conviction to make things right. I purchased 4 large garden stakes from Ace and created a perimeter of twine to hang the vines on and stop them from flopping over on themselves. Hopefully this will help the plants at least finish the season with the fruit they've produced thus far. I also pruned the hell out of the lower branches of several of our plants, hoping to increase air flow and assist in the ripening of the remaining fruit. We'll see what happens in the coming days. Hopefully they don't kick the bucket before the fruit finishes. If I had light left to keep pruning I would have taken pictures but as it stands I pruned until I couldn't see sucker from main stem (a dangerous proposition) so no pics today. Its not a pretty sight anyway.

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