Thursday, August 19, 2010

The other night after a late dinner I walked outside to check on the garden and noticed that the light had faded from the horizon; the sun long since set behind the row of homes and trees behind us. Summer is winding down. It is clear from the shortening days, the cooler evenings, and the crispness in the air in the morning that we’re on the downward slope into fall. The neighborhood schools start tomorrow (odd to start on a Friday I thought), and they will be the last of the local metro districts to start. I generally enjoy this time of year the most as fall is my favorite season, but with so much summer seemingly left to soak in it was starting to stop and realize the depth into August that we’ve traveled thus far.

So once again the flurry of busy summer activity will recede and calm as the slow, pleasant days of fall take over and signal an end to the busy summer months. At that point my blog "minions," I’ll be back and writing again more regularly…I promise.

With that I’ll offer a quick recap of some of the more recent events and going’s on with us.

Our garden is still thriving and doing amazingly well. We’ve now got broccoli, one ripe ear of corn, several growing pumpkins, thriving squash and cucumber, tomatoes ripening and cool season veggies on the way. Thus far it has been a productive and enjoyable gardening season. We’re actively in search of bargain canning equipment to begin preserving some of the fruits of this season’s labors. As brave as Kate has been in trying daring new zucchini recipes, this week I resorted to taking it in to work and foisting it onto my team and co-workers: next year fewer zucchini plants.

This month I’ve begun prepping and preparing for my solo ride across Colorado the first week of September. I did a solo camping effort where I rode up from Denver with a full complement of gear, crossed Squaw Pass and descended down towards Idaho Springs where I camped for the evening and then climbed back up the US 40 route back to Denver; about 92 miles of riding round trip with a significant amount of climbing (under load) the first day. Two weeks ago Kate and I did a ride around the entire metro area; myself loaded with a slightly lighter pannier and front bag load and Kate with her regular commuting set up. My intent was to ride on the flats a long distance in incredibly hot weather with a bit of weight for added enjoyment. We accomplished both tasks making a giant circle around Denver totaling 112 miles. Also in preparation for the trip, I ordered a new Tubus Logo rear rack for my bike. Capable of carting around 80lbs on the rear rack alone I’m now a bit closer to being ready for my journey.

We’ve done several odds and ends projects around the house, mainly cleaning, weeding, mowing, and weeding again. We got some solar lights on clearance at Home Depot last week and added a bit of flair to the backyard. And we resealed our countertops: thrilling stuff. When not blowing our minds with adventures such as weeding and sealing, Kate and I have made a couple little trips about town to see different things. Last weekend we went down to the Chatfield Botanic Gardens to walk around the old homestead and check out the large Community Supported Agriculture garden down on the grounds. We enjoyed a completely sunny day but without the oppressive heat of previous weekends. Last night we went and saw one of my favorite bands from my high school punk rock days: Screeching Weasel. It was Kate’s first punk rock show and while she joked that both the music and I were now ‘Vintage’ we had a good time and the band put on a decent gig for a bunch of lightly aged punk rockers. (The lightly aged crowd did pretty well too.)

So as I try to squeeze every bit of the day out of the sunlight that remains I’m finding it leaving more and more day with less and less sun. So it is back to the indoors and the comfort of the keyboard. It is exciting having so much to do from day to day, but it does feel good to have some time to sit back and reflect as well. And while the keyboard doesn’t seem all that dusty to me, I suppose it has been a while. But I suppose that’s all in the past now: I’ll talk to you again soon.

Below are some pictures from our trip to the Chatfield gardens.

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