Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Mornings

I can wake up at 6:00 on the weekends with a precision and enthusiasm that makes my weekday self interminably jealous. Weekday Jason is Lazarus waiting patiently for the call back to life. Weekend Jason is Lazarus up and doing the hokey pokey. Today was no exception to this rule. After quickly shepherding Presta out of the bedroom so Kate could continue to snooze (Bean can get up at 6:00 every day and indeed thinks all days should start promptly at 5:45am with running around and rolling on the floor) I wander out to the living room to sit down on the couch. Last night we ate chicken burritos with fresh corn from the garden. The night before it was jerk chicken with cucumber and zucchini salad, fresh cherry tomatoes providing the garnish. I can see more tiny red orbs on the tomato plants from my spot on the couch: the promise of more garnish yet to come. The zucchini leaves are starting to show their age. The corn stalks are beginning to brown at the base. I should be able to get our third cutting of broccoli florets off the stalks this morning, but that may likely be the end of their performance. On the other hand, in the cool season beds I expect to see even more lettuce, chard and spinach shoots than the day before: before too long these tiny sprouts will be all that remains of our lush summer garden.

The thermometer reads 63 degrees outside: a warm morning but the patchwork of clouds implies a cooler day. I make coffee from the remnants of a few different bags, which I generally reserve for such occasions when I’m out of anything better and coffee stew will suffice. I flip back through issues of Grit, focusing on the articles towards the back that I only glossed over my first time through:  an article about home brewing beer, a story about direct sale dairy production, nature profiles of bullfrogs and snipe. If I look just out the window I can see the tops of corn stalks, our towering tomato plants and sprawling raspberry brambles. I can blur my vision slightly to erase the chain link fence and backyard neighbor from my view. I can close my eyes and distract my head from the sounds of traffic, sirens, the constant hum of motors in the background. Its as if I’m almost in another place; sipping my delicious coffee concoction, enjoying the cool morning breeze through the screened window, content with my work for the week long enough to enjoy a Saturday morning on the couch before the full advent of day draws me back outside in search of more to do.

Gotta love Saturday’s.

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