Saturday, November 13, 2010

"God's Country"

Had delicious pancakes with my brother and sister in law this morning. They were thick and warm and very tasty. I even think there were a couple left over, everyone was stuffed.  The sky is blue and sunny. Its cool but looks to be another great day in Colorado.  All this scenic wonder and perfection sure gets old...oh wait no it doesn't.  Have a great day dad :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Behind us lies the hectic fury and nonstop pace of prepping the house for the market. We cleaned, sorted, organized, decluttered, updated, purged…on and on for a couple weeks. As a result the house looks great. Clean--welcoming. Even despite my ever present pessimism I have to say I’m starting to see the optimistic angle on this one. The first week of traffic exceeded my expectations and I can’t help but start to agree with Kate; maybe we’ll be out of here sooner than I thought. And with all that anticipation yet to sort itself out with our reluctant friend the future, our home is now quiet. Even without a sold sign in the front yard there’s something deeply rewarding about the turn around in appearance, the successes of our productivity, the fruits of our labor. With a bit of free time now I can sit back and appreciate the transformation and peace of mind; the welcome return of quieter nights.