Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plumbing, Patching, Plaster and Paint

What I feared would be the most intensely time consuming piece of our laundry 'shift', the plumbing, turned out to go relatively quickly. Tore out in a day; replaced in a day. The time consuming piece, in terms of volume of days wasted doing it, was the repairs to the plaster covered concrete walls, sealing, priming and paint. Each phase of this part of the project, while brief in terms of man-hours, was accompanied by a "cure time of 3 days" type series of instructions. In incremental, bite sized chunks, I transformed cracked, pock marked, stained walls from dingy to a nice semi-gloss green color. Below are before and after shots, although the color doesn't quite come out in the pictures very well; its subtle yet brightly refreshing...the folks at Behr are free to use that without charge.

Note the transition from primer white to primer stained moving toward the corner.

Pretty much the same view, just post paint and with the appliances connected.
Everything was hooked up by mid week which allowed us to test out the new sink and laundry combination. The prior configuration with sub-code drain pipe frequently resulted in the washer backing up into the laundry sink. Now that I've cleaned out the skinny pipe in favor of 2" drains for everything the laundry now runs without spewing up a volcano of nasty suds into the sink. And I can also officially say that this series of plumbing projects has been 100% leak-free...a first for me I think. Getting a couple cycles of laundering in helped thoroughly test my drain pipe work, and everything is still bone dry.
Now that we've got our laundry back to a functional state I have moved on to framing out the new walls. I'm hoping to get a lot of mileage out of the pile of 2x4's from the previous wall-door-wall sequence. That will hopefully help save costs and reduce the number of cuts I have to make as everything has pretty much been cut to height already. I may make some headway on this part of the project tomorrow, or I may very well get lured outside by the promise of unseasonably warm temps again. Last weekend when we hit temps in the mid 60's I found myself repelled from basement tasks and instead out in the front yard trimming trees in my shirt sleeves. The raspberry canes need some attention before spring so if the warm weather delivers framing may just have to wait.

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