Monday, February 13, 2012

Coming into Frame

Its been two more weeks of sawing and hammering and I've finally gotten everything framed, square (enough) and ready for drywall. Last week when I finished most of the rough framing we were still left with the question of how to handle the entrance to the new laundry/storage area. I made one trip to the hardware store to check my options for doors and get dimensions for the rough opening. While we surveyed the various door frame options we found ourselves wrestling with how the door should swing. Swing one way and it stops short at the adjacent wall. Open the other way and it swings out into the 'hall' somewhat blocking the way at least unless you open it entirely. Opening inward was completely out of the question due to the HVAC duct work running along the opening just inside the door; it might have cleared it...but then again maybe not. In weighing the options we were drawn to the simple and unassuming allure of the pocket door. The unfortunate part about the pocket door is that the opening essentially needs to be twice as wide as the door itself. Since I hadn't planned for this I found myself pulling out some of the existing framing that I had worked quite hard to salvage and keep in place. Fortunately I didn't have to tear out any of the new framing I had built in place of the two double sliders.

I got the opening squared and situated the week before, and this past week I managed to get the door installed and nailed up in its place: it slides smoothly and doesn't take up any extra room to do so. With the hard work behind me, Kate and I started moving out all of our misc junk and stuff from the existing storage area. As clean and tidy as our new laundry space is starting to look the rest of our basement is a mess of things and construction debris bound for the habitat store. Underneath our pile of camping gear and other bits were two substantive storage cabinets built by one of the prior owners. These massive pieces would have been a pain to deconstruct for the trash, so I had the idea to pull them out and put them on Craigslist in the free section. We had a taker for them in less than an hour, and with a bit of struggle and fussing we managed to get them out of the basement and out to the driveway for pickup. Almost instantaneously we went from a storage area choked with junk and over sized plywood boxes to a long, surprisingly spacious, space for our new storage area. The cleaned up space is starting to really look pretty nice.

Framing going in, and the opening for the pocket door.

Looking at the the laundry.

The new storage space leading to the utilty room

Pocket door

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